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Do east coast winters come later and stay longer these days? Has winter finally reared its pretty little head? No one really knows, but for the first time all year, it may actually be worth digging up a pair of snowshoes. What's become abundantly clear is that when Jay Peak gets two feet in two days, it's time to seize the opportunity and chase the snow where it may fall.

posted by Lee 11:19 AM


The prospect of a full four-hour round of golf is often completely alluring, especially when it offers the potential for making that birdie putt, crushing a huge drive or even breaking your low score.

But getting to stroll down the street today with bag strapped on my back, and hopping onto the 10th hole at dusk this eve felt even better. With an empty course all around, and the sun setting in the distance over the green, there was no rush to finish the hole, to play the next, or to worry about my score.

A smooth Tour Spoon floated with the perfect arc off the tee, and an 18 foot putt dropped to the back of the cup. What else happened inside those bookended shots is just between me and the 10th hole at sunset.

posted by Lee 4:30 PM


Many friends have asked me why I ski telemark instead of downhill....perhaps Mitch Weber of TelemarkTips describes it best:

“You move from turn to turn more smoothly than you do in alpine, which is a more jarring, aggressive and mechanical feeling. Because you’re constantly in motion in the telemark turn as you move from one turn to the next – you rise up and sink back down and then change your leads from one foot to the other – it’s a much more flowing sensation.”

posted by Lee 8:17 PM


I love that rhythmic, low register, tight-yet-loose riff that Jack Johnson plays on his "Taylor" studio cut. What is it? Is it layered with the overlap delayed? Is it reverb? Is it just a tight staccato right hand? I love the effect, and can't quite place it.

Hallelujah Zig Zag Nothing.

posted by Lee 1:57 PM


www.magneticpoetry.com is a creative force to be reckoned with in my kitchen. Exhibit A:

Chisel Rhythm,
Approach Harmony,
Sculpt Song,
Experiment with Musical Metaphor.

posted by Lee 12:44 PM


There's nothing better than getting out of class on a Friday afternoon and bundling up for a chilly skate out on Occum Pond. Sit outside on a rickety bench by the smoky firepit to strap the laces on, then take a few dicey steps through the snow and a bumpy stride out onto the unveven ice. There you'll find a hodgepodge of players using milk crates for goals under the frosted pines of Hanover. It's enough to make even Norman Rockwell jealous.

posted by Lee 10:27 AM

top features

The Amazing Vermont Race
Arriving just before 8 AM, the atmosphere among the teams was decidedly relaxed, as everyone tried to wake up on a dewy early fall morning in central Vermont. The mood was soon to turn though, as the race organizers gathered the teams together, and told us that our first clue was hidden down a dirt road in a paintball field around the bend. The next thing we knew, we were off at a full sprint through the woods, going from zero to sixty in 5 seconds.

Tuckerman's Ravine - Pinkham Notch, NH
Tuckerman’s Ravine is a legendary backcountry destination that draws hikers, skiers and gawkers from all around to experience this historic slice of Mount Washington. Based in the White Mountain National Forest, Tucks offers amazing views, deep lasting snow and a festive communal culture that all contribute to a truly unique experience. The ski season here typically runs from March through June, just as the Vermont resorts are winding down their operations for the year.

Texas Falls - Hancock, VT
Tucked away in central Vermont off of Route 125 is beautiful Texas Falls, a natural waterfall that is easily reachable from a nearby logging road. The quick side trip will be a great stop on your journey before continuing on to the Middlebury Gap, hopping over the Long Trail and heading off towards Middlebury College’s Breadloaf campus.

Jonathan Safran Foer: Everything is Illuminated
"Everything is Illuminated" is an emotional tale of the Foer family generations winding a path through to modern day, culminating in the illumination of Jonathan's own life, and allowing him to honor that voyage through this hilarious yet heartbreaking novel.

Dali Museum: St. Petes, FL
Based in St. Petersburg, FL, this homage to the artist houses an amazing array of Dali art, including sketches, paintings, sculpture, TV commercials and dioramas. Plan to spend about three hours at the museum if you want Dali’s incredible creativity and unique vision to truly sink into your psyche.

Perhaps Bill Murray embodies Rushmore's dry wit and intricate character development best with his masterful performance as Herman Blume. Anderson casted Murray perfectly for this role, allowing Murray’s comedic brilliance to shine through, including opportunities to stuff an 8-year old’s jump shot with determination on the basketball court, and to finish a tumbler of Jack in his Budweiser swim trunks then launch a cannonball from the high-dive.

The Guggenheim: NY, NY
The Guggenheim art museum lies as a testament to art through architecture in the heart of New York City. Situated on 5th Ave. across from Central Park, the alabaster-white Guggenheim spirals skyward, growing from its base, while positioned among a myriad of boxy brick buildings.

Phish: Undermind
On "Undermind", the band consciously strips away layers of complexity that in the past offered additional textures, but also added murkiness to their previous albums. In the end, this streamlining effort complements Undermind as a composition, allowing the band’s core sound to shine through in this studio setting, and leaving the intricacies of their playing to the live performances.

Rafting the American River
Kevin prepped us well for the 3+ Satan’s Cesspool, describing the tight chute and sharp right turn that we were leading into, and informing us of the likely chance that we bounce off the boulder planted just after the turn. Armed with the strategy Kevin would use to propel us through the rapid and a virtual image in our mind of the adventure ahead, we dropped into the rapids heeding Kevin’s cries of “And all forward…dig in!” while we bounced through the Cesspool.

Bike SF>Golden Gate>Tiburon
For one of the greatest urban road rides in the U.S., grab your bike and start your journey in San Francisco’s Marina. Head west down the Marina Green and enter the Presidio at Crissy Field to kick off your 17 mile ride. You’ll pass picnics and beachgoers, continuing on to your climb 200 vertical feet through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Skunk Hollow Tavern: VT
Standing at the Four Corners junction in Hartland, Vermont is the Skunk Hollow Tavern, an historic bar/restaurant featuring live music from local bands every weekend. Patrons walk in the front door to a warm and hearthy atmosphere with wooden dining tables squeezed into the front room, and a bar area set behind the fireplace. If the pub downstairs is not too busy, you may find patrons lounging around playing darts or backgammon all evening.

The Big Lebowski
This creative Coen Brothers effort is an instant cult classic, one of those movies that: your friends drop quotes from over-and-over, you don't really "get" until your third viewing, and is better every time you see it, especially with a few good friends over The Dude's favorite drink, Caucasians.

Dartmouth Art Scene: Hanover
The mural’s narrative is a social statement on the “duality of interaction between indigenous and European historical experiences" and the "cyclical nature of human conflict and self sacrifice." Orozco’s bold life-sized paintings, dramatic representations and fluid brush strokes assemble a tumultuous tale of the South American people, but José resolves this narrative with the final panel which projects his vision of a utopian future where the working people educate, manage and govern themselves according to their own free will.

14-year olds in the midst of nail biting tension, heightened stress and live ESPN coverage are all hallmarks of an intense competition. But we're not talking about the Little League World Series here, this is the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee held in Washington D.C. every year since 1925.

Sanborn House Tea: Dartmouth
Request a cup (most likely Earl Grey) and he'll pour you one in the fine white china, complete with saucer below, then drop your dime in the tray as compensation, much like other Dartmouth students sixty years earlier have done before. If your pockets are feeling heavy that day, perhaps you'd be willing to expend another dime for a cookie to complement your cup.


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